Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have a blog!

Hello!  I am Flat Clavin.  I have been very busy travelling from my home in California, and am now in Australia.

So far, I have visited Karen in California and Khristina in South Australia.  Then I had a lovely time in Queensland Australia with Diana, Kerrie-Anne, Lauren and Jeanette.  Then over to Western Australia to stay with Marion.

Right now I am with Christine in Victoria, Australia.  She is a bit of a "geek", and has set me up with an email address and a blog!

While I have been with Christine, we have had lots of adventures and taken plenty of photos.  Later today, I will ask her to put some of the pictures from my time here up onto the blog so you can see them.  I think she is also going to ask all the other lovely ladies we have stayed with so far to add to the blog too.

For now, here is a nice picture she took of me this morning.  Christine likes to have nice quiet "Power Breakfasts" after the kids are off to school, and this morning she took me to Hungry Jack's.  (I think these breakfasts are really her way of de-stressing!).  Hungry Jack's is sort of like McDonald's - but the burgers taste better apparently.


  1. I have it on high authority that Hungry Jacks is known as Burger King in America! Great that flat Calvin has his own blog...well done to the 'geek' he's visiting with at the moment for helping him set it up, it will make things exciting for him to keep track of his travels. Hugs Naomi

  2. Well done Chirstine. How exciting for Calvin and his fans. --Marilyn